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Students, past students, anyone - we are looking for pictures or video from the past to post in our "blast from the past" gallery. Please contact Jim Roxburgh or Eric Dell.

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  • Myung Kyu Kang - January 17, 1933 to November 23, 2012
    Our Sabumin was laid to rest Wednesday morning November 28th 2012. It is hard to say how many lives he touched and benefited, surely many, many thousands and he will be sorely missed by all.
    One of his (our) philosophy's is: Plan like you will live for 1,000 thousand years, you never know when you will die maybe today or tomorrow, but you plan like you will live for 1,000 years. Striving for your goals when you fall down you get back up, fall down again, get back up again, this till your hand reaches the goal, this is the Masters way!
    Grandmaster Kang made plans for his school - United Arts College - to live and last 1,000 years, these are our plans also. We will uphold Grandmaster Kang's philosophy / techniques / methods / history to the best of our ability. More information on Facebook and a eulogy video by Jim Roxburgh at Grandmaster Kang's wake
  • Open House December 1st 2012
    It has come and gone but what a turnout, the house was packed! Many past and present students, friends, acquaintances, and Kang family were present. Pictures and info here
  • Massive Remodeling!
    Sure, were doing the usual stuff like patching the walls, painting, cleaning but the real news: New top of the line mats! and... we've redone the weight room floor, mirrors and added new weights!
    Bathroom remodel along with the front area are to follow after the Open House in December. We will keep posting pictures as the work continues, check back often.
  • Our first video
    Not the best quality - we will keep looking to see what we can find. From a demonstration at California State Fair (Cal Expo) it's on the Video Gallery page here
  • Gup Testing
    Please check current site for time and dates
  • Master Kang's Book
    We have lowered the price! Master Kang's wish was everyone could benefit from his book so have made it easier. Also are now putting excerpts from Master Kang's book on the website and updating monthly. Check it out book